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Capri Anderson, who is best known for featuring under the name Alexis Capri, is an American pornographic actress. She has been in the industry 2007, when she was aged just 19. She had already done over 20 films by 2008 at the age of 20. However, it was not until the October of 2010 that she shot to fame when she caused mayhem in a hotel after a reported incident with Charlie Sheen. She was sharing a room with Charlie Sheen, when she came out screaming that Charlie Sheen had gone mad because of cocaine.

It was something that laid Capri Anderson on the famous path and she has not looked back since. Due to the incident with Charlie Sheen, many also consider that she is also going as a call girl. Capri Anderson has not denied or accepted the rumours. However, it soon turned out that it was an incident that caused a huge controversy, but in no doubt helped in the career of Capri Anderson. She has already appeared in films of major porn companies like Vivid and Club Jenna (Vivid is the company that made Kardashian sex tape famous). She is best known for her natural breasts and they are of perfect size for her to be starred in roles of being a teenager.

Hence, it comes as no surprise to learn that plenty of her movies have mostly featured Capri Anderson as a teenager. Surprisingly, it seems that she prefers more of lesbian movies rather than straight movies. It may explain the huge number of movies that come about in this niche rather than in the straight ones. Capri Anderson is also well known for posing in extremely sexual lingerie’s and it is something that she makes full use of to show her bountiful backside. Even though she is only 22, she set for an incredible career in porn.

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